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Stafford Moor Fishing - Winkleigh, North Devon
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Stafford Moor- Carp Fishing Holidays Stafford Moor- 7 Fishing Lakes

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The Lakes at Stafford Moor

There are seven lakes available at Stafford Moor for fishing including several specimen carp lakes which much be booked in advance. The Lakes:

Tanners - Tanners is our most famous lake. Nestling in front of the lodges we use it as our primary match lake during the year. With 9 islands and good margins matches can be won from almost any peg. During the Summer 100lbs+ weights are needed to frame and when the silvers turn on in the winter, weights over 50lb are common.

Species - Carp (Mirrors, Ghosts and Commons) to 13lbs. Tench (Green and Golden) to 5lbs. Bream 5lbs, Roach 2lbs, Rudd 1.5lbs and Perch 4lbs.

Pines - As the name suggests this lake nestles against a copse of large pine trees offering little bays, nooks and crannies. pines is our main silver fish venue which fishes best in summer, but if you find deep water on pegs 9 to 13 in the winter you can have a really good day.

Species - Lots of small carp up to 5lbs Perch 4lbs Bream 5lbs and plenty of skimmers Roach 2lbs and Rudd 1lb A huge head of tench and crucians

Woodpecker - A pleasure anglers dream! A lovely island to cast to from almost every peg with bomb or waggler. Secluded out of the way back bays and great margins in the corner pegs. Woodpecker also holds some of the bigger carp so don't be surprised if you hook a lump or two. In the winter the silvers fishing from pegs in the 20's can be superb with easy access to deep water right in front of the pegs.

Species - Carp to 15LBS Tench to 5LBS Bream to 5LBS Roach and Rudd to 2LBS Eels to 6LBS

- 400 doubles make this a real action water with lots of runs and action plus the chance to catch the fish of a lifetime. Star has now hit 33lbs 7oz, Scaley 35lbs plus Basil 32lbs, Basil's Mate nudging 30lbs. The Codfather, our huge mirror ghost is now at nearly 25lbs and many new 20lb growers coming through.

Species - 400 doubles with an average now around 17lbs and rising fast. 40+ twenties and thirties to 35lbs. Large eels nudging 10lbs and large perch to 4lbs.

Lodge - Lodge is a beautiful lake established in 1973. Gorgeous bays, overhanging willows and huge banks of lillies provide a home for 600 double figure Carp to 29lbs. The carp have grown very well in this large lake with plenty of natural habitats and interesting bays and islands. There are also perch to nearly 5lbs

Species - Carp to 31lb 1oz Tench to 5lbs Eels and Perch over 5lbs

Oak - Brand new for 2015 is a refurbished Oak lake. This is set to be a real winner as a pleasure fishing lake and is ideal for families and youngsters who want a fish a chuck. Good access via a new gravel path and with new pegs all around the lake.

Species - Mixed fishery, mostly smaller carp up to 3lb and plenty of good silvers.


Lake & Fishing Rules

  • Beatties Specimen Lake swims need to be reserved to avoid disappointment. 12hr day or night sessions available.
  • Carp mats necessary on Beatties and Lodge Lake.
  • Anyone fishing on the specimen lakes must be in possession of Carp Care spray for wounds and abrasions. This is also for sale in our on site shop.
  • All fish on Pines to be landed by a landing net.
  • No sacking on Beatties or Lodge Lake at any time.
  • No Leadcore allowed.
  • Maximum of 8 pints of pellets to be used in any one day
  • Barbless hooks only.
  • No lures or spinners to be used or treble hooks.
  • Pike fishing only permitted from 1st November - 1st March ONLY
  • No method feeder on pleasure lakes except from 31st October - 30th March (Guru X safe & Preston only )
  • Keep nets may be curtailed in warm weather.
  • 75 lbs maximum in a carp keep net, 30 lbs maximum in a silvers keep net.
  • A maximum of 3 rods on the specimen lake and 2 on pleasure lakes.
  • No peanuts or Tiger nuts.
  • No cat meat
  • No Elite/Halibut/High oil pellets allowed
  • Only 2 tins of any meat (300g size) to be used in any one day
  • No loud music to be played on site at any time only radios on low permitted please be considerate to other anglers.
  • You must dip your keep nets, landing nets, unhooking mats, stink bags in the allocated red bins at the site entrance before you fish, this motion is monitored by CCTV cameras please help to protect our fish. (Please see notice board for start date)
  • Please stretch out your keep nets 10 minutes before your nets enter the lake to allow the uv rays to kill any germs/bacteria.
  • All litter is to be placed in bins provided around the fishery failure to do so you would be asked to leave the fishery as we are passionate about keeping our fishery clean & tidy.
  • Fishing from marked pegs only.
  • No gardening! If any plants/trees are causing you a problem please notify either Paul or Jo. Please do not attempt to cut/prune/damage the plants/trees.
  • Night fishing on pleasure lakes only by arrangement.
  • Please treat fish with respect and enjoy your fishing.
For further information please contact Waterside Breaks on 01252 339020