Ranworth Broad

Ranworth Broad
Ranworth Broad, Norfolk Broads

Ranworth Broad is one of the most scenic and wildlife-friendly broads in Norfolk mainly thanks to it being closed to boat traffic. Although this means that you won’t be able to take your motor boat across the water (if you’re renting one) you can still enjoy it thanks to the lovely woodland walk.

If you will be arriving by boat, you can moor at Malthouse Broad, which is literally right next door. From here you can quickly walk round to where the woodland walk begins. There are plenty of free car parking spaces at Malthouse Broad too, if you’re thinking of taking the car instead.

It’s easy to confuse Malthouse Broad with Ranworth Broad, as Malthouse Broad is actually right next to the village of Ranworth, while Ranworth Broad is a little further away. The best way to remember which is which, is that Ranworth Broad never has any boats on it, whereas Malthouse Broad is almost always busy with boat traffic.

Ranworth Broad is approximately 10 miles from the centre of Norwich and 6 miles from Wroxham.

The scenic woodland walk and the broad itself are the two main attractions, so why not experience them first before exploring what else is in the area.

Once you’ve parked your car or moored your boat at Malthouse Broad, walk down Broad Road, which you’ll find on the west side of Malthouse Broad. After a short distance you will come to the entrance of Ranworth Broad’s woodland walk. It’s clearly sign posted, so don’t worry, you won’t miss it.

Follow the path through the trees but watch your step, as the ground is very soft and wet, so make sure you stick to the boardwalk. Take in the tranquil surroundings as you pass under the trees. The boardwalk will then take you through tall grass, which conceals Ranworth Broad to the left and also the visitor centre. A short distance passed the grass you will see an elevated platform at the end of the boardwalk. This is the perfect spot for bird watching and getting the best views of the water. Before you get there you will notice a sharp left turn, which is concealed by the grass. This path leads you to the visitor centre.

You won’t be able to go any further, so you can look forward to enjoying the walk back through the trees. Once you’ve seen the broad why not head back to Malthouse Broad or head in the opposite direction and you will soon come to Salhouse Broad. This broad boasts a fantastic walking trail, as well as a number of activities.

The elevated platform at Ranworth Broad is the perfect spot for bird watching and also photography, so don’t forget to bring your camera along if you want to capture some of the beautiful views to be seen here.

Ranworth Broad is a great spot for walkers, not only for it’s fantastic woodland walking trail but also because there are other great places within walking distance. The village of Woodbastwick is a short walk further on and so is Salhouse Broad. This is also a popular broad not just because of its excellent walk or lovely views but also because you can take part in other activities including kayaking. You can also hire a bike here and if you get the chance, take the ferry across to the opposite shore, where you can enjoy the nature walk to Hoveton Great Broad.

If you’re arriving by car, head to nearby Malthouse Broad, which boasts plenty of parking. There is a small car park in front of the shop on the edge of the broad but that can often get full quickly, so if you can get a space, drive down Farm Lane to the right of the shop and you will see an entrance to your right, which will lead you in to a large free car park.