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Waterside Breaks - dog friendly holiday lodges in Scotland
Dog friendly lodges and log cabins in Scotland

For those digging out the planners to get the next holiday set straight, there’s frequently one extra holiday-goer who has to be left out of the equation; whether they come along as part of the family or as a loyal companion, pets are all too often excluded from holiday plans by restrictions placed on accommodation, not least when they have to travel all the way to the Highlands with you.

Not so for us; a search through the Waterside Breaks listings will buck that trend, and give you plentiful results for log cabins in Scotland, lodges and other accommodations, allowing pets to accompany you on your holiday without sacrificing amenity and luxury whilst still offering good rates for each pet you bring. Take the canal side Mingulay Cottage or the beautiful Melfort Harbour Cottages – both properties are situated just off the shores of the beautiful Loch Melfort and perfect for hill-walking and wildlife-spotting. Whether you’re coming for a quiet retreat or a large family group, these and other destinations will be ideal for those who can’t bear to leave their four-legged friends behind.

Each property’s overview will provide you with full information regarding rates and rules for any pets you may want to bring, and many properties will list pets as being granted accommodation by personal arrangement with the owner To find the ideal pet-friendly cottage or cabin for your holiday, simply select your ideal region and date, and then select ‘pet-friendly only’ from the search links in the left hand column, to find only locations and prices specific to your needs. Always be sure to double-check the full overview of your chosen location, as some restrictions may still apply on certain breeds and number of pets that can be brought with you; for further information, please see our blog on Pet Friendly Holiday Lodges and Cottages.

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