My Top 10 favourite things to do in the Cotswold Water Park – Poem

Cotswold Water Park - Spring Lake - Waterskiing & Ringo rides
Spring Lake – Waterskiing & Ringo rides

Stay in the Cotswold Water Park – it’s a UK gem

Enjoy a nice walk – go search for the Thames!


With dozens of lakes there’s plenty to do

Traditional villages – just take in the view!


At the Country Park you’ll never be bored

You can row, pedalo or water zorb!


At Head 4 Heights will you reach the summit

And be so pleased that you’ve climbed up and done it?


From Go-By-Cycle why not hire a bike?

There’s lovely scenery – what’s not to like?


Visit Spring Lake and there you will find

Both water-skiing and ringo rides


Cotswolds fishing is great, of that there’s no doubt!

Choose from coarse, carp, or fly fishing for trout


At Spring Lakeside Brasserie enjoy a brunch

Or stop at a South Cerney pub to eat lunch


The Old Boathouse pub overlooks a lake

And Friday’s the night for grilling some steak


Historic Cirencester you should visit one day

For the market, museum, boutiques and cafés


At the end when your Cotswolds holiday’s done

You’ll always look back and know you had fun.


Annabel Turner – 14/06/14

Our memories of our holiday at Mill Village at Cotswold Water Park in Spring 2014