Norfolk Broads holidays – Great for Experiencing the Outdoors

Whether it’s fishing, cycling, boating, canoeing, golfing, walking or even horse-riding, Norfolk Broads holidays provide everything you need to pursue an active lifestyle whilst holidaying in the British countryside.

Renowned for its terrific scenery and extensive waterways, the Norfolk Broads have something for everyone. Why not hire a boat or bike and see the wildlife and landscape at your own leisure? The largely flat terrain make it an ideal place for walking too, allowing you to discover what Norfolk Broads holidays have to offer at a more sedate pace.

Norfolk is particularly known for its great angling, and with plenty of coasts, rivers and lakes, it’s no surprise that fishing heavily influences the local cuisine. In fact, as well as having over 200 miles of waterways, Norfolk is one of only very few counties in England to have more than one coast, full of bass, cod, mackerel and flounders, as well as occasionally sole and eels. A little further inland there’s even more to discover, with waterways stocked with plenty of bream, pike, perch and lots more. This is why the Norfolk Broads is an ideal location for fishing holidays.

Whilst the Norfolk Broads in particular are well known for their great fishing, it’s also an ideal base from which to explore the wider area for other catches as local fishing expert John Wilson explains: “There is such an array of available fishing in East Anglia that much of it is little known, especially by the coarse angler who often tends only to think in terms of the Norfolk Broads and their accompanying tidal rivers. However, quite apart from the clean flowing upper reaches of the big rivers, several interesting mini-rivers and many streams, there is so much more available sport now to be found in the unlimited acres comprised of ponds, lakes, meres and particularly in clay, gravel and sand pits.”

Of course, fishing isn’t all there is to do on a Norfolk Broads holiday. The generally flat topography of the area lends itself brilliantly to boating holidays, cycling, horse-riding and walking, whilst still offering variety from the fens to the coast. There’s plenty to do in between too, from pub walks and brewery tours to steam railways, zoos and adventure parks; Norfolk offers something for everyone.

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