Norfolk Broads wildlife investment makes holidays even more attractive

Two nature reserve sites will soon benefit from nearly £500,000 which has been donated from a nationwide fund. The nature reserves, namely the RSPB’s Sutton Fen and Norfolk Wildlife Trust’s Hickling Broad reserves have both been awarded the grants from the WREN’s Biodiversity Action Fund. This boost for the Norfolk Broads wildlife will make holidays in this area more attractive than ever.

The money was donated courtesy of a non-profit business, which funds various projects including community, environment and heritage ventures from landfill tax. Sutton Fen will soon be gifted £246,030 while Hickling Broad will shortly receive £244,098.  Sutton Fen plan on using the funds to pay for a five year plan to restore the lowland wetland at the nature reserve.

The work will start by creating 20 shallow turf pools and putting up new fencing which will allow the reserves herd of highland cattle to graze.  While over at Hickling Broad the funds will be used to pay for a long term project to restore, enlarge and improve their various wetland habitats.

Norfolk Wildlife Trust will make 86 acres of new fen from the existing grassland areas, and restore another 103 acres of fen.  The money used to restore both of the nature reserves will allow the various species which inhabit the wetland to continue to reproduce.

The executive for Norfolk Wildlife Trust has said “This will be of great benefit to wildlife, such as bitterns and cranes, but will also provide an even greater experience for the many people who visit and enjoy this wonderful place.”

The investment in the two respective nature reserves will ensure that the diverse species of wildlife that inhibit the sites will continue to grow and thrive. Therefore, for wildlife lovers everywhere the Norfolk Broads is a more attractive holiday destination then ever before.

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